Threshing Machine
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Make of Tractor: Threshing Machine
Make Year: 1896
Drawbar/HP Pully Horsepower:
Serial Number: 1001
Description: Because of the serial number, this is believed to be the first model ever created, as well as the only one still in existence today. The machine would separate the grain from the straw using a three-step process. The first step is to add the grain into the hopper. Next, a quickly moving set of blades tears the bundles apart and then beats the heads onto a grooved plate, which knocks the kernels out of the heads. Finally, the kernels are hit by a stream of air that removes the remaining straw and chaff, and the grain is dumped into sacks. It was manufactured by Cape Threshing Company located in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, which is only 30 miles south of here.