What is your story? : The picture attached is around 1945 of LeRoy Conrad, Lynn Conrad and Loy Conrad. LeRoy is my father (now 87) and Loy was my grandfather. As a teenager, I would spend my summers on grandpa Loy’s farm. We would travel to Buchheit’s in Biehle for supplies etc. Grandpa Loy would buy me a Dr Pepper and a bag of Tom’s Peanuts as treat when our business was done. I thought it was good enough to have a pop and peanuts. However, I learned that grandpa Loy enjoyed his snack best by pouring the peanuts into his Dr Pepper pop bottle. Of course I had to follow that lead and pour my peanuts in my Dr Pepper as well. It was a great treat! I cannot see a Dr Pepper without thinking of my grandpa Loy and the trips to Buchheit’s. Kenny often times waited on us at the counter as we finished our pops. Those are wonderful cherished memories! Randall (Randy) Conrad Fort Worth, TX 11/9/20
Hometown : Fort Worth, Tx