1962 Ford 801 (841) Powermaster
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Make of Tractor:
Make Year: 1962
Drawbar/HP Pully Horsepower:
Serial Number:
Description: As a kid, I remember bringing this tractor home as my mother pulled it behind a truck while my stepdad, Jim Kindle, steered the tractor. My stepdad inherited the tractor after his father passed. That was at least 25 years ago. Once we got it home, my stepdad put it to use around the 10 acres I grew up on near Sikeston, MO. At some point, I was taught to drive the tractor and it’s the first tractor I remember driving. I loved taking it for a drive through the field as my parents watched from the fence row. As I got older, I used the tractor alongside my stepdad, and he always told me it would be mine one day. In 2018, my stepdad decided to give me his tractor and I immediately began planning the restoration. I had been to several fairs over the years that showcased antique tractors and always envisioned my Ford 801 being a show tractor. As I admired all the restored tractors at the fairs, I noticed a common sticker that said “painted by Greg Ellis” on numerous beautifully restored tractors. I tracked down Greg Ellis in 2018 after receiving the tractor and took Greg the tractor that Fall. When I dropped off the tractor for restoration, I told Greg I wanted a show tractor, and he did a fantastic job. I surprised my stepdad with the restoration and his reaction will join the lifelong memories I’ve had with this Ford Powermaster.