1966 Ford 3000
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Make of Tractor:
Make Year: 1966
Drawbar/HP Pully Horsepower:
Serial Number:
Description: This 1966 Ford 3000 gas tractor and corn planter was purchased new from Bennett & Smith, Inc. of Fredericktown in 1966 by Robbins Farms Inc, which was owned by Virginia Robbins. John Wray purchased an identical tractor at the same time.Harry Robbins and John Wray used the tractors to do custom hay work and plant corn and milo around the Marquand, MO area. The tractor has been in the Robbins Family's possession since it's purchase in 1966. In August 2019, James Robbins purchased the tractor from Billy Robbins, the current owner of Robbins Farms, Inc. The tractor had fallen into a terrible state of repair, so James restored the tractor to it's former glory with assistance from Patrick Joggerst, Danny Francis, Eli Whitener and many others. James presented the restored tractor to his father, Harry Robbins, as a 74th birthday present. The restoration and birthday gift were a complete surprise.