Kaiser Traveler
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Make of Tractor: Kaiser Traveler
Make Year: 1949
Drawbar/HP Pully Horsepower:
Motor: 112 HP, 190 lbs torque
Serial Number:
Description: The 1949 was meant to be a one-stop-shop for anything someone might want from a car, from luxury to function. It was first manufactured in 1949 and was built until 1953. The design features a rear trunk door that, when opened, transforms the back of the car into a large cargo area if you fold down the rear seat. The goal was to have a luxury car that you could drive to church on Sunday, then take it to work and use its capabilities on Monday. It uses a six-cylinder engine capable of producing 112 horsepower and 190 pounds of torque. This car was built by Kaiser-Frazer Corporation. The previous owner is Glennon Wibbenmeyer from Perryville, Missouri.