Ford 641 Workmaster
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Make of Tractor: Ford Workmaster
Make Year: 1959
Drawbar/HP Pully Horsepower: N/A
Motor: N/A
Serial Number: N/A
Description: This 1959 Ford 641 Workmaster was restored in memory of Walter H. Buchheit of Apple Creek, MO by his sons, Earl and Gary Buchheit. The Ford 641 was bought new by Walter in 1959. Walter was a dairy farmer and he also did some cropping. By 1959, his sons were getting older and were able to be of more help. With his farm becoming a growing operation, he needed to move on to newer equipment. At that time, equipment dealers offered demonstrations of their tractors on the farms. As many as five dealers might bring tractors. Walter had two dealers bring tractors to our farm. He was able to try a Case and the 641. Both tractors were approximately the same HP and style. He used each to plow with and made his choice -- the 641. It was bought locally from Ray Davis of Davis Farm Supply. Walter traded in his Ford Ferguson and made monthly payments of $37 for five years to Ford Motor Company. In the first 20 years of service on the farm, the 641 was used daily for anything from feeding, to plowing, planting and harvesting. As our farm changed, from dairy to beef cattle, hogs, and crops and the farm equipment got bigger, the role of the 641 lessened. However, it was still a very handy tractor for small jobs (including a trip or two to the ponds for fishing). Sixty years later, in 2018, Earl and Gary decided to restore one of dad’s favorite toys, his 1959 Ford 641 Workmaster.


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Ford 641 Workmaster