Case Model SC
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Make of Tractor: Case Model SC
Make Year: 1951
Drawbar/HP Pully Horsepower: 25 Horsepower
Motor: N/A
Serial Number: 5523787SC
Description: In the early to mid 1960’s Allen's dad, John Muench, decided to farm the 15 acres that his parents owned, so he started looking for a used tractor. At that time, his uncle George Muench was working for a farm equipment dealer in Cissna Park, IL. He told John they had received a trade-in a Case Tractor with four-row cultivator that he could buy for $400 and Uncle George could deliver it for $200. So for $600, Allen's dad bought his first tractor. It was a 1951 Case Model SC rated at 25 horsepower, advertised as a 2-3 plow tractor serial number 5523787SC. At that time, I was about 8 years old and had been around the John Deere 2-cyclinder tractors that had a hand clutch on the right-hand side. Well, this SC Case also has a hand clutch, but it is on the left-hand side and Allen remembers telling his dad that it would never work because the clutch lever was on the wrong side. This tractor also has the Case Eagle Hitch on it which was the Case version of the 3-point hitch. The Eagle hitch didn’t officially come on the market until 1952, so this created a few problems getting parts over the years. This tractor will be 70 years old in 2021 and has been in our family for almost 60 years. They have had four generations of the Muench family driving this tractor over the years.